The International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival, U.S.A., is a five-day summer piano competition and festival featuring over a dozen guest artists and pianists in daily masterclasses, mini-recitals, presentations on topics such as repertoire, performance and pedagogy, the live Semifinal and Final Rounds of the Olympic-style Odyssiad® Competition, and five nights of enthralling concerts by internationally renowned pianists, including Van Cliburn winners. Participation is open to all those who love the piano and its repertoire, including students, professionals, teachers, competitors, and piano enthusiasts of all ages.

Guest Artists for the 2018 Odyssiad® Festival’s evening concerts include two Van Cliburn Gold Medalists; Vadym Kholodenko, the masterful Ukrainian 2013 Van Cliburn Gold Medalist, and Olga Kern, 2001 Van Cliburn Gold Medalist and international superstar from Russia; Frederic Chiu, the cerebral American pianist/philosopher/artist/chef; Ju-eun Lee, a rising young star from Korea; and Kemal Gekic, flamboyant, daring, and provocative Croatian pianist.

Additional guest artists, presenters, and judges during the daily festival events include Pamela Mia Paul (University of North Texas, 2017 Cliburn screening jurist); Oscar Macchioni (Argentina, University of Texas-El Paso); Jiatianze Liu (China, Shenyang Conservatory of Music); Hsing-ay Hsu (University of Colorado); Daria Kiseleva (Russia, 2016 Odyssiad® Gold Medalist); Dzmitry Ulasiuk (Belarus, IKOF Official Staff Accompanist); and orchestral conductors Bohuslav Rattay (Czech Republic, El Paso Symphony Orchestra), Devin Patrick Hughes (Boulder Symphony), and Wes Kenney (Fort Collins Symphony), and three young concerto soloists for the popular “Conductors Collaborating on Concerti” session.

All pianists attending the Festival have the option of applying for the competitions available to them. Festival attendees are not required to compete, but may participate in all other Festival activities such as recitals, masterclasses, and special presentations, and may attend the live Semifinal and Final Rounds for both Solo and Concerto Divisions of the Odyssiad® competition. Festival attendees also receive tickets to all five of the evening concerts.


All pianists who want to enter the Odyssiad® competition in 2018 must concurrently register online for the Odyssiad® Festival.  Fees have been modified to allow for greater access to both the festival and competition. Those who wish to attend the Festival only and not enter the competition may register online for “Festival Only.”

Private lessons with select Guest Artists will be offered during the Festival. Lessons are not required, but are optional, and can be arranged between the artist and the individual student for $100 per hour, cash or check only, no credit cards. Times available for lessons will be posted at the Registration Table beginning Monday, July 30, and throughout the Festival.

2018 International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival Fees  

July 31 – August 4, 2018

•    Festival Registration Fee (IKOF PASS): $250 USD. Register and pay online.  The 5-day International Keyboard Odyssiad® Festival Pass admits participants to all masterclasses with guest artists, presentations on special topics, mini-recitals, the "Conductors Collaborating on Concerti" Session featuring three orchestral conductors and three concerto soloists, the LIVE Semifinal and Final Rounds of the Odyssiad® Solo and Concerto Competitions, 5 nights of riveting evening concerts by world-renowned pianists, and all social events.

•    In addition, registered Festival participants can enter the Odyssiad® Competition.  Fee: $50 USD for Solo Division, $50 USD for Concerto Division, payable in addition to Festival Registration Fee.

•   $100 USD One-Day IKOF PASS

•   $20 USD Individual Tickets to each Masterclass or presentation (Purchase at the Registration Table).

•   Additional individual tickets to each of the 5 evening concerts will be available online at www.csuartstickets.com.