All Odyssiad® Competitors:

All Odyssiad® competitors must register online for either the LIVE or ONLINE Preliminary Rounds and for the Odyssiad® festival. LIVE auditions do not require the submission of a video; the ONLINE auditions require uploading a video with the application materials. Both LIVE and ONLINE forms of audition for the Preliminary Round require a completed application online. Deadlines for applications are May 15, 2018 for LIVE Preliminary Rounds in Miami and Dallas/Fort Worth, and June 15th for ONLINE Preliminary Rounds.

LIVE Preliminary Round U.S. Locations and Deadlines

  • Miami, Florida (Steinway Showroom, Coral Gables) – Friday, June 1; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (Fort Worth Steinway Hall) – Friday and Saturday, June 8 and 9; 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Applicants who audition LIVE in Miami and Dallas/Fort Worth will be notified of their performance time and schedule shortly after application deadlines.
  • Deadline for all LIVE Preliminary Round applications is May 15, 2018.
  • China Odyssiad® Website - Introduction
  • China Odyssiad® Website - IKOF Experience

The Odyssiad® competition is open to four age levels: A (13 and under); B (14-18); C (19-23); D (24-35) for the Solo Division, and all ages 35 and under for the Concerto Division. Age is determined by competitor’s age as of June 15, 2018.

Application requirements: Submit color photo (headshot) uploaded as HI-RES 300dpi JPEG file; short biography (maximum 150 words) in a WORD document file (.doc, .docx); competition repertoire list with timings in a WORD document file (.doc, .docx); video only if selecting the ONLINE audition; and application fees online. Application Fee: $100 for Solo; $100 for Concerto; $150 for BOTH Solo and Concerto.

Solo Repertoire: Free choice of solo piano repertoire (2-3 pieces) selected from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th-21st century stylistic periods. The styles of the pieces performed should be varied to reflect the abilities of the performer. All music performed, either live or on video, must be played from memory. Copies of music performed should be made available to the judges for LIVE auditions. Repertoire changes from round to round are not required, because a different set of judges is used for each round. If the Odyssiad® Competition participant wants to change the repertoire in any round, the changes must be noted in advance on the application form where the Preliminary Round Repertoire is listed. Any repertoire listings for any subsequent round may not be changed after June 15, 2018. 

Concerto Repertoire: A complete concerto from the standard repertoire with second piano; video submissions with either second piano or orchestra are acceptable. The concerto performed by the soloist must be played from memory. A copy of the concerto performed should be made available to the judges for LIVE auditions. No changes in concerto repertoire allowed after the Preliminary Round. 

Accompanist: Concerto Division competitors must provide their own accompanist for Preliminary Rounds but may request the Official Staff Accompanist if selected for the Semifinal and Final Rounds in Fort Collins. A fee of $100 will be charged to use the Official Staff Accompanist, which will include one (1) hour of rehearsal time prior to the Semifinal Round and  performances in the Semifinal and Final Rounds. Any additional rehearsal time with the Official Staff Accompanist may be requested (but not guaranteed) for $100 per hour.

Time limits for LIVE and ONLINE Preliminary Rounds for Solo and Concerto Divisions (and all subsequent Rounds) are as follows:

  • Level A (ages 13 and under): 10-12 minutes
  • Level B (14-18): 12-15 minutes
  • Level C (19-23): 17-20 minutes
  • Level D (24-35): 17-20 minutes
  • CONCERTO (all ages 35 and under): 25 minutes

For the Solo Division, LIVE auditions exceeding the time limits will be stopped by the judges. ONLINE videos exceeding the time limits will not viewed by the judges beyond the allowable time limits. Videos must show hands and face of applicant at all times, and must be recorded within the previous six (6) months of the application submission. NO EDITING of an individual work is permitted in submitted videos. 

For the Concerto Division, Odyssiad® Competition participants auditioning LIVE must be prepared to perform the entire concerto; however, judges will limit performance time to 25 minutes and may request certain sections be played or skipped. Video submissions for the ONLINE auditions must contain the entire concerto; however, judges will limit their viewing to 25 minutes. (Long orchestral introductions and interludes may be reduced, but any solo performance changes or omissions must be determined by the judges only.) Videos must show hands and face of applicant at all times, and must be recorded within the previous six (6) months of the application submission. NO EDITING of an individual movement is permitted in submitted videos.

Eligibility: Gold Medalists in previous International Keyboard Odyssiad® Competitions are not eligible to re-enter the same age level of the competition, but may enter the next age solo division when eligible.  Silver and Bronze Medalists may re-enter their age level again and compete for the Gold Medal.

Judging: For the Preliminary Round, an Odyssiad® panel of judges will evaluate performances for both Technical and Artistic Merit using the IKOF scoring sheet. Contestants with the highest scores of IKOF performance standards will progress to the live Semifinal Round, held in Fort Collins, Colorado, on July 31, 2018. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the Semifinal Round by email no later than June 22, 2018. Judges’ decisions in all rounds are final.