An international team of judges will evaluate performances for both technical and artistic merit using the IKOF scoring sheet. Scores will then be displayed and read aloud to the audience. Unique in its vision, format, and global outreach, live Preliminary Rounds of the International Keyboard Odyssiad® Competition will take place in Dallas, Texas, Miami, Florida, and Guangzhou, China. U.S. Preliminary Rounds can also be done through the IKOF online application. Preliminary Round online application materials must be submitted through this website by June 15. The Semifinal and Final Rounds of the Competition will take place in early August during the five-day International Keyboard Odyssiad® Festival at the University Center for the Arts at Colorado State University.


The International Keyboard Odyssiad® Competition, solo division, is open to four age groups: Level A (13 and under), Level B (14-18), Level C (19-23), and Level D (24–35). 

Repertoire requirement: Free choice of solo piano repertoire (2-3 pieces) selected from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20-21st century stylistic periods. Refer to the following age levels, entry fees and video time limits for ONLINE entry:


The Odyssiad® Competition Concerto Division is open to all ages. One winner will be chosen to perform a complete concerto from the standard repertoire with the Boulder Symphony in Boulder, Colorado during the fall series season, Devin Patrick Hughes, conductor.

Repertoire requirement: A complete concerto from the standard repertoire with second piano. Time Limit: Odyssiad® Competition participants must be prepared to perform the entire concerto, however, judges will limit performance time to 20-25 minutes. Concerto Division competitors must provide their own accompanists for Preliminary Rounds but may request an official festival accompanist if selected for the Semifinal and Final Rounds in Fort Collins.