July 27 — August 1, 2020 in Fort Collins, Colorado

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the Semifinal Round by email no later than June 22, 2020.

All pianists selected for the Semifinal Round to take place in Fort Collins, Colorado must confirm by email their intent to participate in the Semifinal Round no later than June 30, 2020. The Semifinal schedule will then be prepared and each competitor will receive his or her time of performance.

SOLO/Ages and Time Limits:

  • Level A (13 and under) – minimum of 10 minutes, maximum of 12 minutes

  • Level B (14—18) – minimum of 12 minutes, maximum of 15 minutes

  • Level C (19—23) – minimum of 15 minutes, maximum of 20 minutes

  • Level D (24—35) – minimum of 15 minutes, maximum of 20 minutes

CONCERTO/Ages and Time Limits: Single-Movement Concerto (ages 18 and under) - the full movement will be performed. All Ages (35 and under) – 25 minutes maximum for Semifinal Round; full concerto for Final Round.

REPERTOIRE: Repertoire for the Semifinal and Final Rounds may be the same as for the Preliminary Round. If the Odyssiad® Competition participant wants to change the solo repertoire in any round, the changes must be noted in the Preliminary Round application where the competition repertoire is listed. Any repertoire listings for any subsequent round may not be changed after June 15, 2020. Concerto listings may not be changed from the Preliminary Round.

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITORS: A formal letter of invitation to all international Odyssiad® competitors accepted for the Semifinal Round will be emailed, which foreign competitors may use as an official letter to obtain a passport and visa at the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate. A letter of invitation may also be provided for the chaperone of younger competitors. For those international pianists not accepted to the Semifinal Round of the International Keyboard Odyssiad® Competition, a formal letter of invitation to the 2020 International Keyboard Odyssiad® Festival will be attached for visa purposes. 

International competitors selected to perform in the Semifinal Round in Fort Collins, Colorado, must register online for the Semifinal Round and pay the combined festival and competition fee. The registration link is available on the right side of this page.


  • LIVE Semifinal Round: In the LIVE Semifinal Round on July 29, 2020 (July 27 for the Single Movement Concerto Division), a different team of judges will individually evaluate performances for technical and artistic merit and then conference together to select the three (3) finalists to compete in the Final Round on July 29, 2020 for Solo Divisions and Single Movement Concerto Division, and July 30, 2020 for Full Concerto Division.

  • LIVE Final Round: In the LIVE Final Round of both the Solo and Concerto Divisions, a new team of judges will rate performances using the IKOF scoring sheet AND assign a numerical score for technical merit and for artistic merit. Scores of each judge will be displayed to a monitor who will read each judge’s score aloud to the audience. The Odyssiad finalists with the highest composite scores for technical and artistic merit will receive the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, and other awards. All judges’ decisions are final.