Shanlin Lin

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Shanlin Lin is a diligent, rigorous, and dedicated experts, who has been engaged in teaching for more than 50 years in the music education area.

Shanlin Lin is an associate professor and a graduate advisor of the department of music education in Xi 'An Conservatory of Music, China. She’s a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and an advisor of the Shanxi Province Piano Association.

Initially, Lin was engaged in the popularization of music as a music and piano teacher. She used to teach in primary and secondary schools, cultural and art troupe, and youth's culture center. After many years as an honorary alumnus, she was hired by Xi 'An Conservatory of Music to promote the teaching reformation of the music education department as a full-time piano teacher. Later, she became a graduate advisor in the direction of piano performance and teaching, and had directed more than twenty master’s students’ piano recitals and graduate thesis. She has taught many undergraduate and graduate students, who are currently in Europe, United States, and China, teaching at different music and art colleges and all levels of primary and secondary schools across Xi’an province. Her students have become the backbone of all kinds of music education and piano education in China.